World's biggest traveling Houdini display at Coconut Creek, Florida for the month of February.

The Coconut Creek Seminole Casino in Florida presents Magic Month with a free comprehensive Houdini exhibit on loan from The Houdini Museum in Scranton, PA.

Coconut Creek, Florida

February is Magic Month at the Coconut Creek Casino in Coconut Creek Florida. The casino's "Stars of Magic" event features a comprehensive Houdini exhibit as part of their month long celebration of magic. The exhibit is from the Houdini Museum, in Scranton, PA, the only building in the world completely devoted to the legendary Houdini.  For over 20 years the Houdini Museum has presented a Houdini Museum Tour and Magic Show in Scranton, PA to the general public. Now they are taking parts of it on the road. The free museum exhibit at the casino, under the direction of well known magicians, Houdini experts and magic consultants, Dorothy Dietrich and John Bravo (aka Dick Brookz), displays over 150 original Houdini artifacts, pictures, books and props about the legendary magician dating from 1883 to the present. There are newspaper stories, autographed books, original photographs, handcuffs, magazines,  advertisements, patent papers, a printing block, keys and locks, film clips, a Houdini vest, and a Houdini Bobble Head doll on exhibit.  The exhibit is in the three sections, a video tower and two enclosed see through rooms.  One of the rooms has a large pillory stock escape invented by Houdini as well as a huge milk can used for escapes. The exhibit is the largest traveling display ever put together about the life of the legendary escape artist and magician Harry Houdini. The special display took many months of coordination and planning and between the Museum and the casino.

The Houdini Museum has in their archives and storage spaces over 3,000 artifacts related to Houdini.  Choosing items for the display that would be both transportable and the most representative of the legendary Houdini was a mammoth job. A lot of hard work & planning has resulted in an awe inspiring Houdini Exhibit. The Houdini exhibit will be on display for the entire month of February.

Just a few of the items in the exhibit include;
1928 Book Houdini, His Life Story
1903 Framed Russian Magazine Houdini in Russia
1936 Framed photo Beatrice Houdini
1921 Book Houdini Rope Ties
1921 Ad for Houdini Rope ties book
1910 Book, Houdini Handcuff Secrets
2 1910 & 1911 Escape challenge letters
1924 Book Houdini Boston Medium Margery
1883 Houdini owned scrapbook and several (4) loose articles
1924 Book, Signed by Houdini, A Magician Among The Spirits
1925-1926 Houdini Souvenir Program
1920's 3 framed Red Magic Newspapers
Houdini's Spirit Exposes Magazine
Famous Houdini Lincoln photo  8x10
Full page newspaper article. Houdini Analyzes Spiritualism
Robert Houdin First day Cover Stamp
2 Conjurors Magazines
Invitation to Houdini wedding anniversary on board ship
3 Houdini's Little Book of Magic
Framed Houdini Photo and autograph
Houdini Pitch Book Orange
Houdini Vest with Holdout
Houdini printing block
Cabinet card photo Houdini with his dog
Hardeen Pitch book
Houdini bust
Book Houdini Book of Magic & Party Pastimes
2 Books Paper Magic Houdini
Book The Right Way To Do Wrong
Framed 2 Houdini letterheads and 2 Handcuffs
3 Houdini USPS Stamp items
Plaque Award to Houdini Museum from Post Office
Stamp Poster
Post Office Houdini Teddy Bear   
Framed Diver's suit US Patent Office papers (6)
8x10 framed photos from the Library of Congress collection
Houdini, Beatrice, Oscar Teale
Milk Can Escape
Houdini Water Torture
Houdini & Mother Kiss
Houdini Ladder Escape
Houdini in Tux handcuffed
Houdini Vanishing elephant
Houdini film pic water wheel
Color signed Houdini Flier/Program Hamerstein Roof Garden
Framed Houdini challenge & Picture Kesser's Packers
Video tape Hairdini
Houdini Lock
Houdini Bobble Head doll
Color Photo Houdini grave site
Batman Houdini graphic novel
Batman Houdini Poster 1993
2 Large gold frames with Houdini locks & keys
Poster Houdini Milk Can Escape
The Milk Can Escape
Framed Houdini Doug Henning Water Torture Poster Houdini
Houdini Escapes book Walter B. Gibson
Pillory stock escape
Shadow box Strait Jacket display
Poster Houdini, How I get of of Strait Jacket
Houdini Lives bumper sticker
Houdini Lines of the Hand Wood display
Video Cassette Paramount Film "Houdini"
6 Houdini DVD's

A slide show of the display can be seen at
Hi res pictures are also available on that site as well.

Interest in Houdini seems endless, with a different exhibit
now being shown at the the City of New York's Jewish Museum.

Houdini Museum
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Dorothy Dietrich
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